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How to Effectively Leash Train your Dog

Whether you have a new puppy at home or an old dog, leash training is never an easy task. Leash training is quite necessary for every dog. It can be frustrating if your dog keeps pulling around while on the leash. Your wish would be for your pet to stop when you ask it to or walk calmly by your side. Following this, it becomes essential for your dog to get good leash training. It is also a sure way of keeping your dog safe. Here are some of the tips to ensure an awesome dog walking experience.

While out there with your dog, you can use treats to make it behave well. Whenever you want your pet to slow down or remain by your side, you can feed them with a treat. By doing this, they will realize that if they do things as per your desires, they will get a treat. To begin with, you need to identify the treats that your dog loves most. Wet dog food will only run their appetite hence you need to find dry foods for the teat like the dog biscuits. With time, they will begin behaving well while on the leash even without any reward.

The next leash training tip that you need to be aware of is to avoid keeping the leash too tight and close. While this seems like the perfect way of keeping the dog by your side, it will only encourage it to pull even more. On the other hand, using an extendable leash will make the dog roam further. It is therefore important that you keep the leash short and loose.

Next, you need to get the right equipment. The equipment you choose can have a great impact on your dog training. You ought to find a leash that is sturdy enough. You should also avoid the thin types as you need one that you can hold strongly even when the dog pulls away. Retractable leashes will give you better control of your dog when it wanders too far. However, they are never the most recommended for training as they are not strong enough and will make the communications with your dog a bit difficult.

You need to have the right attitude when leash training your dog. During the training, avoiding yelling but instead use the appropriate tone and body language to show that you are in charge. Do not show your dog that you are angry when it fails to follow instructions. Taking the dog on frequent walks would also ensure that they learn more about the basics of leash training within a short time as they will become used to it.