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What You Should Know Before You Begin Pressing Own Records To Vinyl.

Vinyl records are making a comeback slowly but during the eighties they took the world by storm when it came to music. Vinyl pressing is interesting ,it was smart to make a disc that could hold music end to end. The vinyl pressing process is a detailed one and unless you understand all that is involved, you might never appreciate the products fully. Vinyl records being physical limits to the amount of records that you can have on them. Today devices have a lot of storage and if you feel that is not enough, you can secure virtual storage which allows you to store as much content as you want.

The grooves on a vinyl record have to maintain a certain distance from each other otherwise they end up interfering with the groves on the other side. Pressing a vinyl with a lot of playtime can turn out to be stressful at times. Due to the physical limitations you can’t rule out the fact that you could be forced to cut some parts of a record some which you enjoy. We live in the technology age which has completely transformed our lives and h0ow we do things but surprisingly vinyl making has remained just as it was back in the day. It’s a simple enough process, that would explain why it has not changed that much at all even in the face of technology. In the process the music is fed into a cut stylus across the surface of a blank disc here it etches grooves as it goes.

Vinyl pressing is created by a press which uses negative impressions of a master disc, the stamping plates are inverse of the master. Heat is used mold the vinyl, negative impression is stamped on the heated vinyl to transfer the grooves. When placed on a record player the grooves will create music. The process may sound simple when put down but the truth is that you cannot make vinyl records without the ideal equipment. Some companies are making record presses of the new age but they don’t come cheap. Many pressing plants that are still operational use older machines but the problem is that they tend to breakdown and they have maintenance issues as well.

This contributes to a lot of delays when it comes to releasing the records. When you are out buying a record, you will find the prices as being expensive but pressing the record is not easy especially if you are creating the records yourself and then going through the process. The demand for these kinds of records is big but the plants are not sufficient. As much as a lot of work is involved in pressing records vinyl, the end results are worth the process.

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