DNA Testing Services In The Pacific Northwest Help Men and Women Learn Paternity Results as Soon as Possible

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Years ago, the only way that a pregnant woman could have paternity testing done for the baby was through amniocentesis or by taking a small sample of tissue from the placenta. These procedures are associated with a very small risk of miscarriage, so they usually were not performed for paternity testing. Today, more advanced DNA Testing Services In The Pacific Northwest can determine paternity during pregnancy without invasive procedures.

Noninvasive Testing Through Bloodwork

This noninvasive testing uses the woman’s blood instead of fluid or tissue from inside the uterus. The process costs more than a blood test performed on the child after birth because the technologists must separate the mother’s DNA from the baby’s.

Reasons for Early Testing

Sometimes, however, the woman feels that knowing who fathered the baby is critical while she is pregnant. Perhaps this man will then be open to providing emotional and financial support during and the pregnancy and through childbirth, whereas otherwise he would not. Each man reacts differently to the possibility that he is the father of an unborn baby. One hopes the paternity test will confirm he is indeed the father, while another strongly hopes for the opposite result. The shorter the wait time to gain this information, the better.

Another sensitive issue occurs when the woman would not want to have a child if a certain man is not the father. A woman in an exclusive relationship might have been raped by someone else, for example. Early DNA testing can confirm whether or not her partner is the father. She will want to have that testing done as soon as possible if abortion is a possibility. Currently, testing can be done as early as the 9th week after the last period, which technically is considered the 11th week of pregnancy.

The Chance to Make Informed Choices

Paternity testing is crucial for both women and men who want answers. With the knowledge gained through the test, they can make informed choices and move forward. Anyone who is interested in early DNA testing can find out more about various options through an online directory like Selectronic Medical.