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How to Buy Maintenance-Free Automotive Batteries

The important thing to making your engines run is to have automotive batteries. Your engine runs and it gives your combustion mechanism, lights, and accessories additional power. It also empowers the electrical system of your vehicle when it does not use a charging system. Today, you can find low-maintenance and maintenance-free batteries in the market. There is an increase in the popularity of maitnenace-free batteries with more and more people buying them. The difference between the two kinds of batteries is that maintenance-free batteries are sealed while low-maintenance batteries are not.

When buying maintenance-free batteries, you should buy one that fits your needs best. It is important to use the right size and design of battery for your vehicle. The sales person would know what size of battery your vehicle needs or you can also check the manual of your car. If the battery has been in the store for over six months, then don’t purchase that battery or any other with this condition.

You should also take note of the group size when buying maintenance-free batteries. Every automotive battery has this number in it which signifies the group size. This number tell you the battery’s external dimensions so that you will know if it will fit in your car. The store staff can help you read the group size of your battery and determine if it is the one fit for your car. The ability of the battery to start the ending during the cold weather is determined by the cutting cranking amps.

If your battery surpasses the recommended cranking amps then it would be very helpful during the winter time to eliminate the cause of tension in your battery. A cold engine needs the battery to function hard so that it will start. You also need to record the amount of time that your vehicle can run on the battery itself when the alternator breaks down.

There are now batteries that do not need refilling with distilled water. These are the maintenance-free batteries that are sealed and ready for use without refilling. The good thing about these maintenance-free batteries is that there is no risk of acid spillages common to traditional car batteries.

You can find two major types of maintenance free batteries. One type has lead terminals made of lead and calcium. This has high heat resistance, and it does not overheat which causes hydrogen gas to be released. The oxygen recombination cycle enables it not to be refilled with water. Water is then formed when hydrogen gas combines with oxygen.

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